Re: gnome-about-me v0.4

Diego Gonzalez <diego pemas net> writes:

> This version includes has only UI improvements that Euginia and I have
> done. It's available from 

Hi Diego,

I tried this version.  I had a few issues with it, but it generally
seems like a nice capplet.  Here are the issues I had:

 * It puts a big '(null)' if no name is set, and there's no way to set
   your name.

 * It's a little weird how instant apply works with entries

 * None of the fields have mnemonics.

 * No obvious way to tie some of the fields in with other backends
   eg. ldap.

 * Not your fault, but evolution-data-server.pc is missing Cflags/Libs.

Anyway, overall it looks quite good.  I'd like to commit it to the
control-center soon, if you're amenable to it.


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