Re: alt-tab enhancement

On Fri, 08 Oct 2004 21:41:09 -0500, Brad Landis <bradlis7 classicnet net> wrote:
> I hope this is a gnome thing and not a metacity thing...

It's a Metacity thing.  :-)

> My girlfriend has MacOSX, and there's something I like about the alt-tab
> interface.  It's actually command-tab, and if you push it a few times,
> keep holding it, and push q, it quits the program currently selected.
> This would be a good thing (you could do f4 instead of q or something),
> and I would also like to see an enhancement in the look of the alt-tab
> interface.  Maybe you could show a screenshot of the program.  This
> wouldn't work on slow systems too well probably, but it look better.

It sounds reasonable (to me at least).  Feel free to file a bug
(please double check for duplicates first--I don't believe this is one
but there have been at least a few requests for other alt-tab
enhancements).  As far as screenshots, that'll have to wait for the
compositing manager (isn't that expocity type stuff?)

I don't know when anyone will have time to get around to implementing
any of this, though...

Hope that helps,

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