Re: gnome-about-me v0.4

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 01:58 -0400, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> Diego Gonzalez <diego pemas net> writes:
> > This version includes has only UI improvements that Euginia and I have
> > done. It's available from 
> Hi Diego,
> I tried this version.  I had a few issues with it, but it generally
> seems like a nice capplet.  Here are the issues I had:
>  * It puts a big '(null)' if no name is set, and there's no way to set
>    your name.
I'll fix that one 

>  * It's a little weird how instant apply works with entries
It's not really instant apply, everything is saved when close is hit
>  * None of the fields have mnemonics.
I'll try to put them..

>  * No obvious way to tie some of the fields in with other backends
>    eg. ldap.
At the begining I was going to use libuser to integrate with
ldap/nis/passwd, the problem are:

*) every system has it's own fields, the only common thing is: password,
user name and GECOS information.

*) libuser is not in every distro (eg, Debian doesn't package it)

*) if using libuser we have to relay in new setuid programs to change
this kind of information (at least for the local case)

the other way to do it, was to use chfs,chsh and passwd, but it didn't
work the way it should, for example, passwd _can_ change the password
what ever backend is used (configuring pam appropiately), but chfn and
chsh cannot change the information if the backend is different from
passwd, not even with a good pam configuration, at least on Debian.

These are the reason for droping this kind of integration, if you have
any idea i would be pleased to know it and implement it.

>  * Not your fault, but evolution-data-server.pc is missing Cflags/Libs.
> Anyway, overall it looks quite good.  I'd like to commit it to the
> control-center soon, if you're amenable to it.
> Thanks,
> -Jonathan

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