Re: Proposed: Rhythmbox

On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 17:20, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> Don't these arguments apply equally to, say, gEdit or gnome-terminal?
> Or Epiphany?  Would you propose removing them from the release? 


Actually Epiphany centralizes where our Bookmarks and Browser History
are located; no longer do GNOME apps have to try to detect what browser
is being used (although that is still a decent idea). Applications like
Dashboard and others can *now* integrate bookmark and history
information to provide a better user experience.

I believe Gnome-Terminal is supposed to provide better font and 
internationalization support than xterm did, along with profiles and a
host of other features.  And Unix systems have always required a
terminal app, so this is a ridiculous argument.

gEdit is just a great text editor written by people with usability in

I'm not arguing that RB not be included in a future release, like 2.8 or
something.  However right now I don't believe that it's ready or
provides a significantly better experience.  Plus it's good to hash out
exactly why something should be included.

~ Bryan

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