Re: vcard-integration for gnome

On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 17:54, Rob Adams wrote:
> I was just about to make the same comment.  The difference here and in
> what I was just mentioning is that all these neat little tricks should
> be evolution-independant.  You should be able to drop in some other app
> in place of evolution and have this stuff work anyway.

Well, since evolution already uses standard formats for it's back-end,
this may be as simple as putting together a single, standardized
directory to throw vcard and ics files into. Then, balsa, gaim,
evolution, etc would all have to be told that the default contact
database is ~/.contacts and that by default, calendars are stored in
~/.calendars. That way, you don't *need* to call an evolution/gaim/gnome
component to interact with them, but it could be an available option. 

Fred Smith <fps dividedsky net>
Divided Sky Internet

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