Re: Gnome desktop files doesn't follow the freedesktop standards

Christian Rose <menthos gnome org> writes:

> tis 2003-11-04 klockan 19.30 skrev Ole Laursen:
> > I think I wrote that in another message, but:
> > 
> >   Mozilla - internetsurfning
> >   Konqueror - internetsurfning
> >   Internetsurfning                [this one is Epiphany]
> A quick look at Danish web sites and online dictionaries seems to
> suggest that the Danish term for "web browser" is "webbrowser", and in
> distinct form "webbrowseren".
> So if I understand it correctly, the mentioned problem with the Danish
> translation is that it is currently translated into something else
> entirely, i.e. the equivalent of "internet surfing", and that this
> fairly freeform translation doesn't fit well in this case. Is this
> correct?

No, not at all, I'm afraid. The particular noun does not have much to
do with it. The distinct form of a noun is seldomly used in
combination with a name. It sounds odd here. Perhaps it is different
in Swedish - I hope so for you users. :-)

Ole Laursen

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