Re: porting to new gtk widgets

James Henstridge <james daa com au> writes:

> Sure.  I will have to do a bit more hacking on libglade to bring it up
> to speed for gtk 2.4.  Note however that libglade already has basic
> support for GtkComboBox -- If you put a line like the following in
> your program:
>     /* we use volatile here so that the compiler doesn't optimise this
> away */
>     volatile GType dummy_type = GTK_TYPE_COMBO_BOX;
> Then libglade will be able to construct a GtkComboBox if found in the
> glade file (how well this works depends on how good the property
> support in the widget is).

I added very basic support for GtkColorButton, GtkFontButton,
GtkFileChooser and GtkComboBox to libglade.  For GtkComboBox (and
GtkTreeView) to really be interesting, we'll need to fix #69639.
James, do you still have that patch I did a couple months ago that
started that?  If not, I can rewrite it.


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