RE: Clipboard daemon

> From: Jody Goldberg [mailto:jody gnome org] 
> > > I could try making the daemon to check for a special 
> > > "_DONT_SAVE" atom 
> > > (or something like that)...
> > 
> > When I asked Klipper maintainer, he pointed out this
> > specification: 
> >
> > which he is happy to implement instead.

By the way, here is some discussion of that specification:

> > Does this seem to be a suitable solution?
> > 
> > It pleases me that a KDE hacker had to point out a 
> > specification to GNOME hackers.
> The Klipper fellow has mentioned that proposal before.  Sadly 
> it is mostly useless unless the application pretends.  The 
> mechanism it proposes requires the app to approximate how 
> much content will be produced.  Doing even an approximate 
> measurement will require the loading of all of the supported 
> clipboard exporters, which is part of what I want to avoid.
> It's only use, as far as I can tell, is to lie and set the 
> max to 0 as a proxy for 'OPT_OUT_OF_CLIPBOARD_MANAGEMENT'.  
> Using an ultra coarse approximation
>     eg number_of_cells x 1k + sum(embedded_images)
> is going to produce wild overstatements for most formats

I'm putting the klipper guys on CC, and the freedesktop list too. The
simpler opt-out seems harmless to me.

Carsten Pfeiffer (of Klipper) worries that
"the users 
are going to wonder why the clipboard tool won't show anything even tho they

select in gnumeric as hard as they can."

I guess that means that klipper is also a clipboard viewer. I think it
should be quite capable of saying "This application does not support the
clipboard viewer.".

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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