Re: Gnome desktop files doesn't follow the freedesktop standards

Christian Rose <menthos gnome org> writes:


> Another nice thing with translating it this way in scandinavian
> languages, in addition to it being both correct linguistically and it
> working with the original message unmodified, is that you get a nice
> grouping effect in menus with similar applications:
>         Webbläsare
>         Webbläsaren Konqueror
>         Webbläsaren Mozilla
> Thus, if you have more than one browser installed on the system, you
> have them grouped instead of scattered all around the menu.
> What are you translating these menu entries into now?

I think I wrote that in another message, but:

  Mozilla - internetsurfning
  Konqueror - internetsurfning
  Internetsurfning                [this one is Epiphany]

Ole Laursen

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