Re: Gtk/Gnome release schedules

Hi Guys,

Since i am happely ignorant as far as development policies and everything goes, i'll gladly crawl out of the woodwork to offer another piece of un-informed input about the file selector.

Reading thru the threads on this topic, i found in several emails, the sugestion to take the 'being-developed' code from the upcomming gtk-2.4 file-selector, and put it in libegg as a temporary measure. Now it seems there are several problems with that, so it is not an option.

Also it seems that owen is already quite bissy enough, not to be forced to code a little bit faster and move release dates (plus gtk releases impacts on more then just gnome)

However, i have seen no one sugest developing the whole file selector in libegg, and when its done, move it down to gtk 2.4 (since gnome has a faster release schedule then gtk 2.4, it should be done & tested by the time gtk would need it).

It just seemed weird to me that we are pushing this much-requested & wanted feature onto a bottle-neck situation.. As long as owen can be involved with the design & implimentation to make sure it can be merged down to gtk when it's time, it would relieve him from the extra pressure, and give us our feature?

As mentioned, i am happely blessed by total ignorance, but since i had not heard it sugested yet, i thought i'd bounce it off the list to see if it could be a feasable thought

    -- Chris

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Michael Meeks">

	Uh ? was that based on your (specious) hope that the 'new' file
selector will be a drop-in replacement for the existing file selector,
and thus we can just 'adopt' a new gtk+ release as and when, and
magically get a nicer file selector everywhere ?

Not at all, it was based on my humble opinion that it is not critical enough
to handcuff our release process to the GTK+ loveboat again.

- Jeff


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