GNOME 2.2.x release plans

Thanks to all excellent hackers, release team people for getting 2.2.0
out the door. You rock. We now have the most i18n:ized GNOME release
ever, with more than a dozen fully translated languages right from the
start, and this of course wouldn't have been possible without the help
from excellent hackers.

I'm wondering though where to go from now. I notice that isn't updated, and wonder
what will happen with 2.2.x releases, when they will be, how many etc.
Not everyone was able to complete their translations in time for
2.2.0(*), and so it would be kind of neat with additional, coordinated
2.2 releases.


(*) I'm pretty sure there was enough time, I'm not critisizing the
schedule here :) But I think we have some new inspiration and interest
in some places from the recent Mongolian "phenomenon", and also the fact
that 2.2.0 is actually released now. I've very recently recieved a whole
bunch of new Indonesian translations for GNOME 2.2 from Mohammad Damt
<mdamt bisnisweb com>, as an example.

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