Re: GNOME 2.2.x release plans

<quote who="Christian Rose">

> I'm wondering though where to go from now. I notice that
> isn't updated, and wonder
> what will happen with 2.2.x releases, when they will be, how many etc.
> Not everyone was able to complete their translations in time for
> 2.2.0(*), and so it would be kind of neat with additional, coordinated
> 2.2 releases.

Excellent! I've been working on the proposed 2.2.x and 2.3.x schedules,
should have them up soon. With 2.2.x, we'll probably have a release every
three or four weeks, until we're satisfied or bored with them. :-)

> (*) I'm pretty sure there was enough time, I'm not critisizing the
> schedule here :) But I think we have some new inspiration and interest in
> some places from the recent Mongolian "phenomenon", and also the fact that
> 2.2.0 is actually released now. I've very recently recieved a whole bunch
> of new Indonesian translations for GNOME 2.2 from Mohammad Damt
> <mdamt bisnisweb com>, as an example.

Cool, that's awesome news. If you have any suggestions for the release team
so that we can help you guys work better, please let us know!

Thanks very much,

- Jeff

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