Re: Gtk/Gnome release schedules

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 01:28:25PM +0100, Chris Chabot wrote:
> However, i have seen no one sugest developing the whole file selector in 
> libegg, and when its done, move it down to gtk 2.4 (since gnome has a 
> faster release schedule then gtk 2.4, it should be done & tested by the 
> time gtk would need it).
> It just seemed weird to me that we are pushing this much-requested & 
> wanted feature onto a bottle-neck situation.. As long as owen can be 
> involved with the design & implimentation to make sure it can be merged 
> down to gtk when it's time, it would relieve him from the extra 
> pressure, and give us our feature?
> As mentioned, i am happely blessed by total ignorance, but since i had 
> not heard it sugested yet, i thought i'd bounce it off the list to see 
> if it could be a feasable thought

Enthused by how well GNOME 2.2 went over (in large part I think due to
the short release time since 2.0), I'm leaning a bit toward GNOME 2.4
in 6 months (or perhaps 7). And that means one of:

 - doing what you suggest above (possibly with a private dynamic lib
   instead of libegg)
 - cramming GTK down to 4 months
 - keeping GTK at 9 and no filesel in 2.4

I just hate to lose the asskicking effects we get from putting out
rapidfire GNOME releases. Regular releasing is just more important
than any one feature - yes, even the file selector.

I *would* like to see us do the private API, or the superfast 4-month
GTK, if we can. But I think we should keep the GNOME release
time-based and rapidfire. There are already so many new things in CVS
- new panel, the various nautilus add-ons, etc. - that we already want
users to have!

It makes more sense to postpone GTK to 9 than postpone GNOME to 9,
because there are way more people hacking on GNOME than GTK, and there
are way more features in GNOME that need to get out there. So there's
a lot more value to keeping the momentum rolling.

Anyway, just a thought before vanishing to fosdem for a few days.


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