Gtk/Gnome release schedules

Hi Havoc,

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 05:23, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Since not everyone is on gtk-devel-list, I thought I'd point out
> Owen's 2.4 plan here:

	The most intriguing thing to me about the gtk+ 2.4 plan, is that the
Gnome release plan is essentially hostage to it. ie. there is very
little point in having a 6 month Gnome release gap that is out of step
with an 8 month gtk+ release gap.

	While it is most pleasing that gtk+ is moving to a train schedule, it
would be really, really good if gtk+ moved to share some of the release
disciplines that Gnome has. While it is true that Gtk+ already has it's
own release process - conservatism seems no really good argument against
a more collaberative process.

	Clearly - not having synchronisation between Gtk+ and Gnome releases is
a pointlessly daft thing to do; eg. new File selector APIs introduced in
Gtk+ 2.4 may appear after a Gnome 2.4 code-freeze, and thus not be used
for another ~6 months in stable code etc.

	It seems there is no fruitful purpose served in having different
release schedules, and yet the "blindly follow the gtk+ schedule"
approach doesn't seem reasonable either.

	In 'my' ideal world (and of course, it's entirely possible all this has
been agreed somewhere that I missed already) - the two teams would work
together as one (hardly tough recognising the huge overlap of
personell), and would share a commonly agreed process of deadlines, and
freezes etc.

	Do people have problems with that ? and/or am I smoking crack from a
distance ?



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