Re: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

On Sunday 06 April 2003 11:39, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:
> > I don't know if you understand what I try to explain you but I can
> > guarantee for sure that you will get a lot of hateful comments from
> > people, the day you start turning Phoenix into a native GNOME app in it's
> > default source repository.
> Yeah, well there will always be some trolls who have nothing better to do
> that try and throw dirt on gnome, be it on, osnews or
> slashdot, hey I have even seen a worst case example of a troll who not only
> posts to these sites, but also mails some of the gnome development lists
> with crap. But I am sure you agree that we can not let trolls run the
> development of gnome.
> > Sorry for my not really diplomatic reply but I like to tell you what I
> > think about this without sounding like a hypocrite.
> No, we appreciate your honesty and will to help us develop a better desktop,
> and maybe thanks to your warning we will be able to avoid the anger of some
> of the people trolling against gnome in the future.

Seriously you wonder why people work against GNOME and the community instead 
with it ? Your attitute is not very nice and for sure not shared by many 
people. I bet that at least 70% of the people on this mailinglist (if not 
more) rather agree to my writing than yours.

If you don't agree what I was trying to explain then it's your freedom to 
bring up a reasonable statement to prove me wrong or ingoring what I wrote. 
You may not belive this but I got quite "A LOT" private emails the last days 
from people exactly from this list or the places you mentioned who told me to 
be right with what I wrote. It's simply my opinion and If you don't share it, 
then it's your problem not mine. You shouldn't point the finger at someone 
and call him to be dirty while you are throwing with dirt yourself (ok some 
people on this list may not understand this sentence but I think you got it 

Yes GNOME is perfect and going in the right direction. If you leave all the 
bad press and the complaining users out then you are right. I would seriously 
wish that some of you people (in this case you) stop being so ignorant and 
start listening to the users instead glueing them TROLL stickers on the head.

Well I stop here since it wasn't my intention to sound like a jerk but I liked 
to answer you the same public way you answered me.

Think about it.

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