Re: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!


> > No, we appreciate your honesty and will to help us develop a better desktop,
> > and maybe thanks to your warning we will be able to avoid the anger of some
> > of the people trolling against gnome in the future.
> Seriously you wonder why people work against GNOME and the community instead 
> with it ? Your attitute is not very nice and for sure not shared by many 
> people. I bet that at least 70% of the people on this mailinglist (if not 
> more) rather agree to my writing than yours.

Not really sure what you mean by his attitute.  He was thanking you, 
As far the 70%, that would be a good topic for a poll on  
Please propose it !

> If you don't agree what I was trying to explain then it's your freedom to 
> bring up a reasonable statement to prove me wrong or ingoring what I wrote. 
> You may not belive this but I got quite "A LOT" private emails the last days 
> from people exactly from this list or the places you mentioned who told me to 
> be right with what I wrote.

Feel free to forward these mails on or make them public somewhere (hiding 
the email addresses of course).  I'm sure I can tell the difference 
between real ones and faked ones on content.

> It's simply my opinion and If you don't share it, 
> then it's your problem not mine. You shouldn't point the finger at someone 
> and call him to be dirty while you are throwing with dirt yourself (ok some 
> people on this list may not understand this sentence but I think you got it 
> already).

No, I don't understand the sentence and don't see where Christian, in his 
mail you just replied to, threw dirt at you.

> Yes GNOME is perfect and going in the right direction. If you leave all the 
> bad press and the complaining users out then you are right. I would seriously 
> wish that some of you people (in this case you) stop being so ignorant and 
> start listening to the users instead glueing them TROLL stickers on the head.

I think your use of plural is wrong, I seem to recall only one person ever 
being labeled as troll, and that person wasn't even sure if he was an 
ex-KDE-turned-to-GNOME user, the other way around, or any non-exhaustive 
combination of "KDE", "GNOME", "user", and "switched".

> Well I stop here since it wasn't my intention to sound like a jerk but I liked 
> to answer you the same public way you answered me.

Seriously, to get your posts taken seriously, drop some of the common 
slandering themes you keep recurring back to.  There *are* useful comments 
in your posts, but your signal-to-noise-ratio is pretty low because of the 
silly stuff you keep coming back to, like
- gconf is evil
- gnome is hijacking X
- gnome is overtaking all other projects known to mankind (I'm sure Bill
  is sleeping very badly since 2.2 got out)
- I'm calling you a dictator but don't take it personal because I said 
  sorry at the end of my rant

Stick to facts and personal opinion here and there without name-calling 
and you'll get a much more receptive audience.



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