RE: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

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>From: Murray Cumming Comneon com
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>Subject: RE: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!
>Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 09:51:54 +0200
>It would be really great to hear from the Galeon and Epiphany maintainers
>about how this might affect their future devlopment plans and/or project

The adoption of a simpler interface by is very positive and
partially overlap our project goals but I think there is still a very strong
point to continue our effort.
I think the native interface is the best way to achieve the GNOME integration
a browser need to be really usable. It's easier and more likely to produce
good results. Native widgets and HIG compliance are alone already worth
the effort.
I think there are very good reasons to encourage mozilla interoperability
(not last that galeon/epiphany will benefit from them too). But I'm also
convinced the better way to reach the goal of an usable browser for GNOME
is to use their embedding technology (as even Blizzard seem to suggest).
So, in short, the adoption of Phoenix encourage us to keep up our simplification
effort and to push forward system integration.

Another aspect of the new roadmap is the adoption of a more modular architecture,
with the GRE being the base of both native and multiplatform browsers. Well,
these are just great news for us ...
I think GNOME should seriously consider to use Gecko as unique render engine
in the future, when the editing problems are solved.

Hope this is what you wanted to know. Feel free to ask more if the reply
was not satisfactory :)


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