Re: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

On Sat, 2003-04-05 at 17:24, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> Yes Konqueror is indeed a KDE application but you shouldn't forget that they 
> stomped that project out of nothing than their own powers. And I haven't seen 
> one KDE developer yet who forced other important Open Source projects to 
> become a native KDE app or somrthing similar.
How exactly do you see this forcing happening? For instance how do you
see someone forcing you to make your application into a GNUStep
application for instance?

>  They are doing their own things 
> in their own borders without trying to catch the hate of other people.
I do not think the NIH attitude of KDE is a proper topic for a GNOME
> Whenever they need something in their Desktop they simply embedd it seamless 
> in their System or take the code and change it for their own needs without 
> influencing other things.
Ah, yes the evils of code sharing. It would be much better if all
applications contained everything it needed so nothing depended on
anything. It might increase the disk and memory need with a few
gigabytes, but hey memory and disk is cheap, and installation will be so
much easer.....

>  I agree GNOME needs a native Webbrowser with native 
> Wigetset, HIGified and whatever and I do understand that Mozilla/Phoenix and 
> it's Gecko engine fits the needs but then it would be better to grab either 
> MRE or the engine itself, embedd it seamless into GNOME as some sort of 
> library and leave the mainproject Mozilla/Phoenix as is and let them do their 
> own thing.
> I don't know if you understand what I try to explain you but I can guarantee 
> for sure that you will get a lot of hateful comments from people, the day you 
> start turning Phoenix into a native GNOME app in it's default source 
> repository.
Yeah, well there will always be some trolls who have nothing better to do that try 
and throw dirt on gnome, be it on, osnews or slashdot,
hey I have even seen a worst case example of a troll who not only posts
to these sites, but also mails some of the gnome development lists with
crap. But I am sure you agree that we can not let trolls run the
development of gnome.

> Sorry for my not really diplomatic reply but I like to tell you what I think 
> about this without sounding like a hypocrite.
No, we appreciate your honesty and will to help us develop a better
desktop, and maybe thanks to your warning we will be able to avoid the
anger of some of the people trolling against gnome in the future.


Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org>

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