Re: [Usability]Re: Improving the metacity minimise animation

> Metacity used to have the "grab server and do XOR" type of animation,
> and it was changed to the current one because grabbing the server
> produces temporary artifacts due to apps not handling expose events.
> The code to use XOR is still in metacity/src/effects.c if you want to
> try it.
> A shaped window as used now is clearly slower, but no server grab.
> However, if we do the animation and only then hide the window, we may
> not notice the expose event problem so much. Right now it hides the
> window first, so generates exposes during the server grab.

I made a simple patch:

It speeds up the animation and goes back to the XOR version. At that
speed the window drawing problem is barely noticible - still would need
to be changed however to undraw the window afterwards.

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