Re: Improving the metacity minimise animation

MArk Finlay <linuxexpert eircom net> writes:
> I can understand how you are getting sick of this discussion so I'm
> going to just post up some stuff related to improving the metacity
> animation.

I *love* discussion on how to _improve_ the animation, that's sort of
the whole reason I don't want to just add a preference.

> Comparing the metacity animation to enlightenment, which has a much
> quicker feeling animation:
> 1. E undraws the window after the animation - this feels really great in
> E using the iconbox but only experimentation would show if it could work
> for Metacity, but I think that this could aleviate a lot of people
> issues if applied along with a speed(and smooth) up of the animation.
> 2. The animation is faster - feels twice as fast - this is a good thing
> ;)
> 3. The animation may not look great in E but it feels much smoother.
> Metacity's animation looks a bit like a flipbook animation.
> 4. The lines are much thiner in E making the animation less intrusive.

Those all sound good. Need to fetch the E source code and have a look.
I'd take patches to try any of these things.


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