Improving the metacity minimise animation

On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 22:28, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> As a head up, I have a "cooling off period" rule - metacity changes
> discussed in a big mailing list thread, or that were heavily flamed
> about in bugzilla, get postponed until the issue has been dropped for
> a while and emotions are no longer involved. ;-)
> I've used this rule several times in the past, but I thought I'd point
> it out explicitly. I'm not ignoring the thread or the bug, but I'm not
> doing anything about it for now, either.

I can understand how you are getting sick of this discussion so I'm
going to just post up some stuff related to improving the metacity

Comparing the metacity animation to enlightenment, which has a much
quicker feeling animation:
1. E undraws the window after the animation - this feels really great in
E using the iconbox but only experimentation would show if it could work
for Metacity, but I think that this could aleviate a lot of people
issues if applied along with a speed(and smooth) up of the animation.

2. The animation is faster - feels twice as fast - this is a good thing

3. The animation may not look great in E but it feels much smoother.
Metacity's animation looks a bit like a flipbook animation.

4. The lines are much thiner in E making the animation less intrusive.

I think that if we can get a really nice animation into metacity by 2.2
then a lot of ppl will stop trolling

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