Re: UI Review Suggestions - Preference Dialogs

>The right course of action IMO is to nuke "use system font for window
>titles" so this is never disabled.
>Fonts that are *in* the system font dialog don't need an option to
>track the system font.

The rationale behind this does have to do with accessibility; basically 
it's blocking on the availability of a Theme Set mechanism to set 
multiple system font settings at once.

At the moment our low-vision themes rely on the ability to set the GTK+ 
font (more-or-less overloaded as the application font) in an RC file.

This is not the preferred mechanism, but it provides us with the needed 
functionality (i.e.  simple way of changing colors and font at once) 
until we get some other mechanism in place.

This means that apps that might like to read other system settings 
(Window Title font, system-fixed-width font, desktop font) need, for the 
moment, to read the application font instead as a user-configurable 

I am not sure there is a lot of value in having the window title font be 
a different size from the application font, and I tend to keep my 
desktop font the same as my app font too... however fine-tuners do have 
their uses, I won't argue for removing them.  Of the bunch I think the 
system-fixed ('monospace') font setting is the most necessary, other 
than a simple "application" font.

As I say, if we agree to a Theme Set mechanism that can group and apply 
multiple font settings at once, we can get rid of the 'track system 
font' checkboxes for anything that uses a font in the Fonts preference 
dialog.  I hope this explains some of the history of this discussion...


>> Also, does the "Terminal font" in this dialog really only apply to 
>> terminal, or does it apply to any GNOME app that requires a 
>> font (e.g. in some Yelp docs)?  If it's the latter, it should be 
>> and never disabled anyway.
>There was an earlier thread about this when Owen added the option, I

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