Re: Preferred Applications dialog (+ PATCH)

> > I see. To be honest, I still think that's not a good idea. The default
> > handler in Gnome should always be Nautilus. Not every possible Nautilus
> > URL can be defined as a handler in the gconf database - so what if I
> > enter a smb:// URL? It would open in my default browser and not in
> > Nautilus as I would expect. 
> Only if smb:// returned a file that was a web page. The current
> implementation tries to open a program based only on the URI. I believe
> what Jacob is proposing is to instead actually look at the object
> denoted by the URI, detect its MIME type, and open based on that.
> Essentially make the URL handler do what Nautilus does today when you
> put a URL in the location bar. There are some tricky fringe cases such
> as DAV urls (that could be opened as either directories or HTML pages),
> that Nautilus tries to solve by allowing you to select the view
> (obviously this wouldn't work with a URL handler).

Yes I understand that, but that change will only happen for 2.1/2.2 and
not for the 2.0.x releases. So, since the current implementation only
uses the URI method we should make this change for 2.0.x so that it
works in a sane way...

I agree with Jacob that we should do it based on MIME type in the
future, but that is a change that wont happen for 2.0.x -- right?

- Frank

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