Re: Preferred Applications dialog (+ PATCH)

On Tue, 2002-07-30 at 15:16, Frank Worsley wrote:
> This reminds me that I have the following patch for the Preferred
> Browser option so that it actually uses the right URL handler gconf key.
> Is it ok to commit that?

this was intentional.  if you did cvs annotate you'd pick that up ;)

however i think the implementation of gnome_url_show() should be
completely gutted.  we should just be doing the show_document() from the
gnome-run patch and base what we are opening on the mime type rather
than the protocol.

we couldn't do this before because apps couldn't open uris, but now that
they can it is totally dumb to use our current implementation.

nautilus should be the default handler for whatever the directory mime
type is.

[ fwiw os x's openURL api call does just this ]

 - jacob

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