Re: Preferred Applications dialog (+ PATCH)

Hi Jacob,

> this was intentional.  if you did cvs annotate you'd pick that up ;)

Umm...why would that be intentional? If it was then there should be no
'http' url handler key. I never used cvs annotate before and why would
it be useful for this?

> however i think the implementation of gnome_url_show() should be
> completely gutted.  we should just be doing the show_document() from the
> gnome-run patch and base what we are opening on the mime type rather
> than the protocol.

I agree that we need a show_document() function. However there is still
the problem with http uris which you would normally want to open in your
browser. If you have a show_document() function you would need a
preference like "Always open HTTP urls in my default browser".

The problem is that a URL like would open in
Nautilus since it is a directory, but is that really what you want?
Probably not. Hence a show_document() function would have to check that
preference and then decide to either use the default URL handler or the
associated application. (We could probably add a
"always_open_in_default" gconf value for every URL handler.)

Because of that I think we should keep gnome_url_show() for people who
want to use URL handlers and also make a new function
gnome_url_document_show() for people who want to use the default
applications. For example, the gnome hyperlink button would want to use
gnome_url_show and not the show_document() variation.

While thinking about this, we should also add a "Preferred Mail Client"
application option that should then be associated with the mailto: url
handler. This is another case where gnome_url_show() would be needed.

> nautilus should be the default handler for whatever the directory mime
> type is.

Yep, for sure. And also the default handler for unknown & file should be
nautilus I think.


- Frank

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