Re: [G2R] Translation of .schemas files in core modules

On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 07:13:12PM +0100 or thereabouts, Sander Vesik wrote:

> > Well, the theory is that by harnessing our hordes of translators we can
> > do a lot better than those proprietary stuff. We should be aiming higher
> > than they do. :) 
> Shouldn't we start by actually having sysadmin docs for gnome? Just having
> localised descriptions for system settings doesn't sound like aiming
> particularily high...

Yes. Please, please, please: anyone who uses Gnome for a setup of
more than two users on one box, please write it up. 

For Gnome 1.x there was some very hard-to-find stuff about gnome-config
and /etc files, and Paul Cooper's guide to how he customised Gnome for
a university setup. That was all, despite repeated beggings from me
and from others.

For Gnome 2 we have very little in the way of such basic things as

  * "I want to make a specific menu which all my users can see."
  * "I want to make a special menu which this group (only) can see."
  * How and whether Gnome and Linux Terminal Server Project work
together in practice.
  * "We have extra help documentation on our systems we wanted in
the help browser: where do we start?"
  * Games with NFS and very large directories.

It's late here, and I'm not making much sense. This is largely
because I am not a systems administrator. My idea of multi-user
is "well, I have two test users in the password file and can have
them all logged in at once". There are definitely gotchas out
there, because I have encountered people saying "There is nothing
saying how to set up defaults for lots of users". I just don't
quite know what they are. 

But if anyone has set up Gnome (particularly Gnome 2, although I
suspect it's early days yet) for computer societies, university
departments, small businesses, church halls or the like, please
please write it up. Triumphs and pitfalls. Handy scripts. Anything.
I personally don't believe Gnome is just for single home users
who set up accounts to let their family browse the web and receive
email. But the lack of response to my prior pleas for write-ups
makes me wonder...

Oh. On the .sig:

> 	This is the place where all
> 	the junkies go	
> 	where time gets fast
> 	but everything gets slow

What, desktop-devel-list? :)


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