Re: Windows XP-style login

<quote who="Colin Walters">

> I think that if we had this feature, it wouldn't be hard to add another
> feature I'd really like to see; a Windows XP style login.  I was really
> impressed when I used XP for the first time a while ago.  When the
> screensaver kicks in, you can log in not only as the current user, but as
> any other user as well.  So basically the screensaver just becomes a login
> prompt.  I find that very convenient, more than the current "New login"
> GDM thing (although that is nice).

Some other posters have sort of mentioned that we can do this already.
GDM's flexiserver feature (Thanks George!) allows you to log in as many
times as you want - it just creates another real X server or Xnest.

All we need is a replacement screensaver dialogue that integrates with GDM,
and we're done. :-)

- Jeff

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