Re: CDDB-Capplet [was Re: magicdev [was Re: Gnome-vfs blocks cddb-capplet. Why?]]

On 23Apr2002 01:34AM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Advogato Maciej accuses me of following rules blindly, ;-) I don't
> intend this as some hard-and-fast rule, I just intend to say that
> deeply nested menus and menus with 30 items in them clearly suck, and
> a single Preferences menu with a reasonable number of clearly named
> control panels is clearly a big win. So I very much hope we can keep
> that and not end up with the GNOME 1.x 31 capplets situation again.

I think it's good to have a relatively small number of preference
panels in a non-hierarchical arrangement, so I can't disagree with
this particular proposed rule.

(The one kind of hierarchy I think is OK is the kind that's unfolded -
Mac OS X System Preferences shows the icons for all the panels at
once, but breaks them into categories with a category name above each
row. This makes them easier to find than just a purely alphabetical
list, but would probably be nontrivial to implement with the Nautilus
icon view.)

 - Maciej

P.S. No offense was intented by my remarks. I think you have a much
better UI sense than most gnome developers.

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