Re: magicdev [was Re: Gnome-vfs blocks cddb-capplet. Why?]

On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 10:13:19AM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > 2) lock the cd drive drawer, so I have to hunt through menus just to
> >    get a cd out again
> Not sure what you are referring to.
>  - If the CD is mounted, then the kernel locks the device. So,
>    yes, automounting causes the door to be locked. You can unmount
>    the CD any way you want and the door will unlock.

If a cd is inserted, and magicdev automatically mounts it it will lock
the drive door.  

>  - If a CD player program is running on an audio CD, it may lock
>    the device. All the GNOME CD player programs were modified
>    to not do this.

If I launch a cd player program I expect the door to be locked - I initiated
that action.

> Magicdev _never_ locked the device itself. A very early version
> of magicdev explicitely unlocked the device, but that was a bad
> idea and removed.

If magicdev automatically mounts the cd then it will cause the drive door
to be locked.  That is the point about automatic mounts having to go
hand-in-hand with automatic unmounts (which you snipped from the reply).

The irritation factor is high when I insert a cd, think "whoops, wrong one"
and the &$*ing eject button doesnt eject.

> > In fact, magicdev was one of the reasons that finally pushed me into
> > switching to Debian for all my machines; for someone that starting using
> > Red Hat with the "Mother's Day" release, that was a pretty drastic change.
> Well, you _could_ have just turned it off with one check box in the
> control center, but hey, I guess it's less fun than switching to
> Debian.

It wasn't the only reason.  And as I didnt find the option to turn it off,
maybe the fault is shared with the UI :) .

- Dick

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