Re: Gnome-vfs blocks cddb-capplet. Why?

iain <iain ximian com> writes:
> So according to bug 74767 the cddb slave capplet is explicity blocked
> from appearing in the menus (and I guess the nautilus preferences:///
> too) by gnoem-vfs.
> Any technical reasoning for this[1]? 
> iain
> [1] "I don't want it there" isn't technical reasoning.

btw, random bug, this capplet seems to be modal even though it's only
one dialog, so if e.g. the libgnomeui gconf error dialog comes up,
users can't click on it.

The CDDBSlave2 capplet IMO should not be in the menus, though I'm not
sure hacking gnome-vfs was the best way to take it out.

I didn't know the capplet existed before your mail and don't know
if these are the actual reasons it was removed, but here are the
reasons I'd give:

  - It's not a desktop setting. If I wanted to change 
    where information about CDs was obtained, I'd look 
    in the properties for the various CD player gadgets,
    not in Desktop Preferences.
  - It's called "CDDBSlave 2 Properties" in the window title 
    and "CDDB" in .desktop file - totally meaningless to 
    almost all users.
  - It isn't instant apply.
  - _I_ don't have a clue what the "Log on information" area 
    means or why I'd choose one of those options over another.
    I'm sure most users won't know if I don't.
  - The server section is quite opaque as well; "round robin" 
    is a programmer term here, what is FreeDB, why would I 
    choose freedb vs. something else, why does "other server"
    still show freedb by default if it's "other besides
    freedb", what is a "port" ...

If you don't consider those technical reasons then fine, but they're
still good reasons. ;-)

There should definitely be a way to choose your cddb server
somewhere, but I don't see this as the right place, and I'm not sure
the user-visible phrasing should be called "cddb server"

If it isn't in the prefs for the CD player app, maybe in a "CD
properties" dialog of some kind, maybe merge it with the CD properties
control panel that magicdev adds. That already has a frame called
"Audio CDs" that would naturally contain an extra item "Get track
titles and album covers from this server:" and we need to figure out
how to get magicdev-type functionality in upstream gnome anyhow.

Dunno, lots of possibilities, needs thought.


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