Re: CDDB-Capplet [was Re: magicdev [was Re: Gnome-vfs blocks cddb-capplet. Why?]]

iain <iain ximian com> writes: 
> (I just want to put this somewhere without it being blocked because
> someone has an irrational fear of having more than 2 entries in a menu.
> And if we can get it unblocked then we can find out the useability
> issues with it.)

To be clear, I am pretty serious that I think we can keep the menu
entries to 15 or less and that the main capplets should be on the
toplevel not in subdirs.

It was flat-out too hard to find things in the old setup. Especially
when navigating via Nautilus instead of the menus.

There are a couple things in the current toplevel Prefs menu that can
go to make space:

 - "Setup My gdm Face" can/should become "User Information" or something 
   and also cover your email address, GECOS, etc.

 - "Save current session" should come out

Maybe those are just artifacts of an old install and aren't in a clean
install of HEAD though.

Anyway we have 6 or 7 slots still available. I don't see how we're
going to fill those up.

Of what's in Advanced:
 - the theme capplet should become fonts/appearance/whatever and go in
 - panel settings should not be in here
 - file types and programs and default applications should presumably
   be merged
 - Sawfish stuff should become one capplet with focus mode and 
   a couple other crucial things, perhaps
 - session properties should probably be a utility or something 
   instead of a control panel

For accessibility I think one capplet with tabs as in Windows XP would
be fine.

So anyhow, there's still lots of cruft cluttering things up and we
should be able to make space for useful stuff pretty easily. And
again, there's still space left even with all the cruft in there.


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