Re: [Deskbar] keywords

On 21/04/07, Sebastian Menge <sebastian menge uni-dortmund de> wrote:
OK, at last I found the setting. But still I think there's a bug:

Am Samstag, den 21.04.2007, 11:16 +1000 schrieb Nigel Tao:
> More info, please.  Deskbar version, browser version, and what does
> System > Preferences > Preferred Applications say your preferred Web
> Browser is?

Everything from Ubuntu 7.0.4:

deskbar 2.18.1
epiphany 2.18.1

Try to reproduce this:

1) Open "Preferred Applications" and "Deskbar-Settings" next to each
2) Choose Firefox as preferred browser, check "Internet Search" (Doesn't
work for me since i installed Epiphany)
3) Choose Epiphany as preferred, check "Internnet Search", click
4) GOTO 2)

When Firefox is preferred, I cannot check "Internet Search" anymore.

Ah, "Web Searches" is actually provided by (at least) two different
handlers - and  I guess that deskbar isn't
listening to whatever gconf key that is your preferred browser, and
doesn't swap in and out handlers accordingly.  This would be tricky to
get right, with things like you want the "Web Search" handler to
remain in the same order in the Extension list when you change your
preferred browser.  Maybe we need a thin WebSearchHandler handler that
simply delegates to the {Epiphany,Mozilla}SearchHandler.

Something to think about, in case we wanted to, say, re-architect the
code base any time soon...  :-)

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