Re: [Deskbar] keywords

> havent noticed that. Im using 2.18.1 under Ubuntu 7.04 and can only
> choose between "primary" and "all" search-engines under preferences
> here...
I have the same version and can't find that feature, either.

I think that, currently, this feature is only available if your
(GNOME) preferred browser is Epiphany rather than Firefox.  There's no
reason why it shouldn't also be available for Firefox, except possibly
that Firefox would already have its own keywords somewhere, and the
Right Thing To Do would be to just pick up those out of
~/.mozilla/firefox/whatever rather than have a separate UI and storage
to maintain the mapping from keyword to search engine.

The relevant code in deskbar/handlers/ is all the stuff
that touches the shortcuts_to_smart_bookmarks_map variable.

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