Re: [Deskbar] keywords

OK, at last I found the setting. But still I think there's a bug:

Am Samstag, den 21.04.2007, 11:16 +1000 schrieb Nigel Tao:
> More info, please.  Deskbar version, browser version, and what does
> System > Preferences > Preferred Applications say your preferred Web
> Browser is?

Everything from Ubuntu 7.0.4:

deskbar 2.18.1
epiphany 2.18.1

Try to reproduce this:

1) Open "Preferred Applications" and "Deskbar-Settings" next to each
2) Choose Firefox as preferred browser, check "Internet Search" (Doesn't
work for me since i installed Epiphany)
3) Choose Epiphany as preferred, check "Internnet Search", click
4) GOTO 2)

When Firefox is preferred, I cannot check "Internet Search" anymore. 


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