Re: [Deskbar] keywords

Am Dienstag, den 17.04.2007, 10:36 +1000 schrieb Nigel Tao:
> > I have the same version and can't find that feature, either.

I tried out epiphany now, and I think I got misunderstood: Epiphany has
"smart bookmarks" which popup when typing arbitrary text in the
adressbar. This is just like deskbar which offers me to do a beagle
search or a web search or what ever.

Both do so *after* I typed the query in and i still have to choose the
right one. But I know *before* what engine I want to use and want to

b thesis<CR>
g deskbar<CR>
z gnome<CR>

(for b=beagle, g=google, z=amazon)

rather than 


( <DN> = Arrow down )

Even clearer: I want to assign a keyword (g,b,z) to searchengines, and
omit any "smartness" (sometimes ppl are still smarter than prgrams ;-) )


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