Re: [Deskbar] keywords

Am Montag, den 16.04.2007, 17:23 +1000 schrieb Andrew Kerr:
> > I want to write a handler to simulate the behavior of firefox feature to
> > use search-engines via keywords. [1]
> >
> > e.g. assign the keyword "z" to the amazon-search-engine and write in the
> > adress-bar of firefox: "z harry potter" and it will search amazon.
> >
> > I want that behavior in deskbar.
> That behaviour *is* in deskbar: (right click) > Preferences > select
> "Web Searches" > More... and then simply click in the shortcut field
> next to the search engine to set a shortcut.

Ooops :-)

havent noticed that. Im using 2.18.1 under Ubuntu 7.04 and can only
choose between "primary" and "all" search-engines under preferences

> > But now, when i'm thinking about it, i'm reinventig the wheel.
> ...and much more than you thought.

But does it allow to use keywords for the other backends too: 
beagle, evo and the like?

When im working quickly, I like to omit the mouse/arrow keys where ever
I can. (passionated vim-user ;-) )

So "Alt-F3 -> b sth" would be a good replacement for my gesture+browser

I see now that it is more than writing a simple handler (and thus
exceeds my skills). Take it as a serious feature request.


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