Re: beagles eating my /var filesystem

On Sun, 2007-12-09 at 11:41 -0500, D Bera wrote:
> The way the enable-deletions work is, while traversing the
> directories, beagle keeps a note of all the directories that were
> modified since last index. When indexing is done, it starts looking at
> those directories (it prints a message "Checking xxx for deleted files
> and directories")

I don't see any such messages in my daily beagle crawl output.

> So, if you sometimes run without --enable-deletion,

No, I run with --enable-deletion every day and have been doing so since
we last took a whack at this.

> There might still be bugs in enable-deletion, as I said it never got
> enough testing. One thing you could do for testing is, install some
> doc package so that /usr/share/doc gets dirty again,

That should happen almost every day as I upgrade to the latest hardy
changes almost daily.

> run with --enable-deletion and see if /usr/share/doc/bzr and its
> recursive contents are removed.

Hrm.  /usr/share/doc/bzr is there and has contents and should be there
as it's owned by the "bzr" package which I have installed.

> Look for the "Checking xxx for deleted files and directories" message
> near the end of the output messages.

Nope.  Don't see any such messages in my last successful crawl output
(which I will send to you offline).

> Unfortunately, all of the above is probably a red herring wrt the
> original problem. Those extra entries cannot occupy that amount of
> space.


> Its what I suspect a problem in Lucene and the workaround I added in
> 0.3.0 might fix such problems. I will confirm once I get a chance to
> look inside the segments file.

I wonder when we will see 0.3.0 in hardy.


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