Re: beagles eating my /var filesystem

Sorry 'bout the long delay.  Only just getting some time to come back to

On Sun, 2007-10-28 at 17:28 -0400, Debajyoti Bera wrote:
> Oh, one more thing. If you havent deleted the old index yet, you can do a
> (as any user)
> $ beagle-dump-index --uris --indexdir=/var/cache/beagle/indexes/documentation/
> this will dump all the uris (11K for me) of the items in the index.

I get:

  37835 /var/cache/beagle/indexes/documentation/

So quite a bit more than you.  I have:

$ dpkg --list | grep ^ii\  | wc -l

packages installed.  How does that scale to your system with only 11K

> You might 
> be able to spot some anomaly there. I remember you already ran 
> with --enable-deletion once,

In fact I run with --enable-deletion every day now.

> so there should not be any deleted directories. 

I suppose I could do a dpkg -S <file> on each of those ~38000 entries
and make sure there is supposed to be a file installed for all of them.
I don't think dpkg -S is terribly efficient (as opposed to rpm -qf
<file>) though and it might to quite a bit of churning to do that


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