Re: beagles eating my /var filesystem

On Sun, 2007-12-09 at 09:45 -0500, D Bera wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> I have to read your other emails carefully (and remind me of the context ;-),


> Could you ignore the files with %23 in them (it stands for '#') - e.g.
> the location above points to a file ubuntu-arcade-maze embedded in the
> actual physical file  /usr/share/gnome/help/games/hu/games.xml ?

Heh. Was actually just noticing these myself.

Aw crap.  Those account for:

$ grep not\ found /tmp/foobar | grep "%23" | wc -l

Entries.  I was hoping I had found the holy grail.

Still that leaves some 1500 or so entries.


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