Re: Crashes during daemon startup

On 8/13/07, Joe Shaw <joe joeshaw org> wrote:
On 8/13/07, Pierre Östlund <pierre ostlund gmail com> wrote:
> Yeah, we might just cut the length of the string or something if its to long
> until we can bump required mono version.

If we can figure out exactly why it's happening, we can probably just
cut-and-paste the body of the function but with a much larger buffer

Yeah, that would work too.

> I need to compile and install latest SVN to make sure it's not already
> fixed as well (as the devs will probably be more pleased that way).

This is probably not necessary; the file in question hasn't been
changed since March 2006.  And the way it resizes the StringBuilder's
capacity is a pretty common one, and one I think we actually use
ourselves in Beagle for file names.

True. But I'll do it anyway. I have already begun with a build in my virtual machine.

> I took a peak as well and I can't find what's wrong either. Seems to be
> something that's wrong with the memory allocation within mono. But I'm not
> sure. We'll see what they have to say.

Indeed.  Does Lukas's small test case also trigger it for you?

It's mostly Lukas's code that I have been using when testing on various machines. Just accessing the "MachineName"-property triggers the crash. So we are definitely seeing a mono bug here (especially since a lot of people seem to be able to reproduce the behaviour).


Pierre Östlund

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