Re: Crashes during daemon startup

Hi guys,

On 8/13/07, Sean Carlos <sean carlos gmail com> wrote:
> > What is your host name? I've figured out that the problem appears if the
> > length of the host name is more than 15 characters. I will report this
> > as a bug later today once I get some free time. It would be very nice if
> > you (or anyone else) could confirm this as well.
> Fedora's default is localhost.localdomain.  Changing this via the
> hostname command to something < 15 characters resolved the problem for me.

Nice sleuthing.  There's clearly a Mono bug here, and we'll need to
work around it in Beagle somehow.  Can you file it at and attach a simple test case?

Looking at the Mono source for this method, I don't see why this would
be causing a problem, but the Mono guys would have a better idea.


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