Re: Network services in trunk


On 8/9/07, Lukas Lipka <lukaslipka gmail com> wrote:
> • BeagleClient/Query.cs - Remove duplicate code based on service
> discovery policy (see below)
> • Random crashes - most likely caused by Avahi
> • Changes to services list in the networking config must directly
> • Remote results in beagle-search should go away when remote service
> shuts down
> • We need to find a way to deffer the network results from the local
> ones in beagle-search
> • Searching network services is on by default in beagle-search, we need
> to add an option (either to beagle-settings or the main menu to disable
> it)
> • Service discovery happens on the daemon side for each instance of
> Query as well as on the client side
> • Add option to automatically search password not-protected services

A couple of additions to that:

* I'd like to see Avahi autodetected at build time, rather than being
a required option.
* Removal of the --networked option, or change it to override a
configuration option instead (like --backend does)

With regards to the random crashes; I recall that Fredrik used to see
that as well, and it has something to do with thread usage and Avahi.
So it might be a good idea to see what threads Avahi is being used
from, and see if you can move those all into a single thread.  (An
easy way to do that is to run all of them using GLib.Idle)

Thanks for the great work merging this in!


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