Re: Crashes during daemon startup

Pierre �tlund wrote the following on 08/13/2007 09:38 AM:

On 8/13/07, *Sean Carlos* <sean carlos gmail com <mailto:sean carlos gmail com>> wrote:

    Pierre �tlund wrote the following on 08/11/2007 05:49 PM:
     > Hi,
     > I've been having a hard time getting the daemon up and running
    since the
     > networking code was merged with trunk.

I'm seeing this too.

What is your host name? I've figured out that the problem appears if the length of the host name is more than 15 characters. I will report this as a bug later today once I get some free time. It would be very nice if you (or anyone else) could confirm this as well.


Pierre �tlund

Fedora's default is localhost.localdomain. Changing this via the hostname command to something < 15 characters resolved the problem for me.

- Sean

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