Re: Dashboard Dbus Frontend


On 8/12/07, kim wroblewski <kimwroblewski gmail com> wrote:
> Here is a screenshot of a notify popup frontend to Dashboard that reuses the
> gnome thumbnails:
> This removes all graphical dependencies from Dashboard.

Neat.  The idea is that all of this information would come up as a
notification on the side?

I think there's utility to this, although I think that a dedicated
Dashboard UI is pretty useful on its own as well.  One of the biggest
challenges to Dashboard is how to present the UI such that it is (a)
unobtrusive to the user but (b) readily accessible.  There is also an
open question of how to present some information to a user who might
find it interesting but who might also not go out looking for it; that
seems like it would conflict with (a) above.

By the way, thanks for the work you've been doing on Dashboard!  It's
nice to see that someone is picking up the project again and hacking
on it.


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