Re: reason why beagle doesnt index

hi there,

thanks for responding. regarding the file enconding i had some talks to kevin and i'm just having a look if there is something what i could do.

dropping the message so that it doenst appear in the logs anymore might be a good idea, but i don't know if this should be the final solution.

i was worried about the error message and the logs not being indexed properly since at first searching for specific data didnt return any result. that was, why i thought it was a problem cause of rewriting the backend.


Joe Shaw wrote:

On Mon, 2006-07-17 at 14:29 +0200, Andreas Heinz wrote:
i tested with: mono_external_encoding=iso-8859-1. now it can read the files.

Yeah, the message you saw was actually from Mono, not from Beagle.
There's nothing we can really do about that message.

Encodings are an issue generally for Beagle, because since you can't
know what the encoding of a filename is, it's difficult to pass it
around and index it effective.  It's important that filenames are in
UTF-8 or else things might not work completely.

but now i get following errors in the logs:
"060717 1402539793 06093 Beagle ERROR: Couldn't write attributes for /home/crash/.gaim/logs/icq/22013956/116305009/2005-11-08.234921.txt"

for me it seems like beagle tries to use EAs which it can't use for my gaim logs since they are symlinked to a nfs share and on my harddisk because of xfs. dont know if the symlink can be a problem.

The lack of xattr support shouldn't cause any real problems, although it
will be quite a bit less efficient.  But data should still be indexed.

after having run beagle for about a hour, some of the information which comes out of the gaim logs is reachable from beagle-query. but i don't know why the gaim logs know make problems.

I'm not sure I understand.  Are you worried about the error message, but
all of your gaim logs are indexed properly?  That is the intended
effect; maybe we should bump that warning down from ERROR to WARN.

could this gaim problem result from rebuilding my gaim index, because of joe's "rewrite" of the gaim backend?

It shouldn't change anything from the previous backend.


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