Re: SemWeb

Hi Max,

On Sun, 2006-07-16 at 14:52 +0200, Max wrote:
> I've been playing with SemWeb a little bit to find out how it could be
> used to store metadata.
> We seem to have an old version of SemWeb included in /Util/SemWeb. Is
> there any reason for not using the current version or is it just because
> noone updated it?

Larry Ewing (of F-Spot fame) imported it so he could handle XMP metadata
in various file formats.  It has never been updated because it has never
needed to be.

Feel free to update it for your work; when testing SemWeb I did just
that in my local working copy.

(Unfortunately it seems as though the canonical tarball is just a tar of
the developer's working directory, so there are some duplicate files in
there that won't build with one another, in particular the extra sqlite
store files.  Also the sparql class now seems to depend on IKVM, which
isn't an acceptable dependency, so you'll want to remove that from the
build as well.)


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