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hmm, for me, it wouldn't exactly still be a bug (at least not for us,
probably the mono folks) but we would want to make people aware of it.

Kevin Kubasik

Andreas Heinz wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> afaik the file had also "äöü" in it?! ah ok i just read that it was "not
> exactly correct".
> i didn't try to set mono_external_encoding as i was just to tired
> yesterday. if it works with mono_... is it, in your opinion, still a
> bug? or just a matter of information the user?
> at the moment my pc at home is not powered up, so i can't testt. i'll
> let you know when i'm at home.
> bye
> Andreas
> Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> Ok... hmmm
> kjk38 kjk38-laptop:~$ beagle-extract-content ./aäoöuü.txt
> ?Filename: file:///home/kjk38/aäoöuü.txt
> Debug: Loaded 47 filters from /usr/lib/beagle/Filters/Filters.dll
> Filter: Beagle.Filters.FilterText
> MimeType: text/plain
> Content:
>  auo
> (no hot content)
> was my result, not exactly correct, but not the issue your having. I
> think you may have a Mono bug though at first glance. Did you try
> setting MONO_EXTERNAL_ENCODINGS? If your not sure of what to do, this
> might work, but if you know your encoding, thats better
> Let me know, and I'm on the IRC btw if you wanna find me there (kkubasik
> at, and I'm usually in #dashboard)
> Cheers,
> Kevin Kubasik
> 240-838-6616
> Andreas Heinz wrote:
>>>> Hi Kevin,
>>>> nothing easier than that ;)
>>>> It's a mp3 file, but since it's not the problem of being an audio file
>>>> but a problem how it is named, i just created a text file with some
>>>> german umlaut creating the same error message. right now i'm not sure
>>>> how my system encodes file names, but i think it was something like
>>>> isoXXXX.
>>>> i have attached the text file. filename is aäoöuü.txt ;)
>>>> bye
>>>> Andreas
>>>> PS: at the moment i havent filed a bug report. i'll do this tomorrow.
>>>> Kevin Kubasik wrote:
>>>> 1) Could you please file this in the gnome bugzilla so we don't lose it?
>>>> 2) Is there any chance you could attach the file so one (or all of us)
>>>> could test it? If its personal, could you maybe e-mail it to me at
>>>> kevin kubasik net? If its uber-personal (trying out my German ;) ) could
>>>> you perhaps create another file which replicates this error?
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Kevin Kubasik
>>>> 240-838-6616
>>>> Andreas Heinz wrote:
>>>>>>> hi there again,
>>>>>>> i just tested with beagle-extract-content what beagle gets from a
>>>>>>> file which is not in my index.
>>>>>>> [Invalid UTF-8]
>>>>>>> Cannot determine the text encoding for argument 1 ("file with some
>>>>>>> german umluats, didn't look nice;)").
>>>>>>> Please add the correct encoding to MONO_EXTERNAL_ENCODINGS and try
>>>>>>> again.
>>>>>>> first, shouldn't the user be informed about this?
>>>>>>> second, should the wrong encoding of a file (from the view of beagle)
>>>>>>> name lead to not indexing the file at all? for me this doesnt make
>>>>>>> that much sense, but maybe i'm overseeing some important stuff :)
>>>>>>> hope this is the reason why the files didn't get indexed.
>>>>>>> thanks again for an answer
>>>>>>> Andreas
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