Re: Another Thunderbird Issue

Carlos Moffat wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> I'm also running Debian/Sid (so same versions of everything). I'm seeing
> a different behaviour, which is quite funny. When I click on a
> thunderbird email on beagle-search, thunderbird does shows me the
> correct email, but not a single window, but in the three panel window
> (so the message is in the bottom right panel). Interestingly, the top
> right panel, which should show a list of the other messages in the same
> folder is empty (!!).
> Also, it opens the message in a new three-panel window every time (of
> course, this would be fine if it were opening the message in a single
> panel window). So in my case, Thunderbird is not brought to the top if
> it is already running.
> Cheers,
> Carlos

Although this all seems to be a limitation in Thunderbird, I thought I'd
pass on some more information.

Normally, I do not use the "Message Pane" view in thunderbird. After
reading your message, I decided to see if using "Message Pane" changed
anything. Actually, it did.

When I open an email from beagle-search and thunderbird is not already
running, thunderbird starts up and the proper email is displayed in the
"Message Pane". If thunderbird is already running at the time, it seems
a second instance of thunderbird is started and then shuts down
immediately. The main thunderbird window (of the first instance) is
brought to the top but the message pane shows the message I was
currently reading in thunderbird, not the one I opened from beagle-search.

Weird, no?

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