Re: Another Thunderbird Issue

D Bera wrote:
> Hi Rick,
>  I dont use the Thunderbird backend but your problem could be due to
> this issue mentioned in
> The patch mentioned has made its way into CVS, but after 0.2.8
> So, either you can wait for the next version, or build the CVS or
> add/remove/edit some symlinks so that beagle-search finds the correct
> executable.
> HTH,
> - dBera 

I don't think that's the problem. beagle-search seems to be running the
correct executable. In my case it's: thunderbird. When I double-click on
an email entry in beagle-search, the Thunderbird app starts up (or, if
already running, the Thunderbird window is brought to the top). The
problem is that a thunderbird message window is not opened with the
chosen email. Beagle-search doesn't seem to tell thunderbird which email
should be displayed.

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