Wrong date and a search suggestion

Hi there again,

i just installed 0.2.8 from source without problems.
recently i came across a point in which i first thought beagle wouldn't index my files correctly, but i was wrong in understanding beagles option.

i searched for some mp3s on my harddisk. my mp3s are sorted into directory in the following structure:

/mp3s/artist - album/tracknum - title.mp3

now when i search for a track, searching with artist name and title won't work since beagle only searches for occurences in the filename, which won't find any results since the artist name won't be in the filename. i have read, that it's planed to search in id3 tags, but this doenst solve the problem for let's say movies... hope you get my point. i would like to suggest a feature like adding extended search, in which one could define that the search term should be applied against the whole file path. as i didn't find this in beagle (maybe i'm blind ;)) i think this would improve possibility to find stuff on one's computer.

second problem:
i installed 0.2.8 mainly because of thunderbird backend. works great, but there's one point that irritates me. for example i have mails from my girlfriend, which where sent on 11th of july 2006, thunderbird prints this to me with "11/07/2006". but beagle interprets this as 7th of november, which definitly ist wrong. where does this come from? i dont know if i have some strange setting, so i think it would be great if someone who is familiar with the thunderbird backende could comment on this.

thanks in advance

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